Software localization

The number of non-English-speaking computer users worldwide is constantly on the rise, and they are no longer willing to make do with English language software. Competition on the international market is fierce, and a company offering local language software derives an immediate and marked advantage.

Research has proven that users prefer products that have been converted to their own language  while maintaining the same quality standards as the original product.

Website localization

English is no longer the ruling language on the web.

The number of web surfers has risen dramatically in the last few years, and most of them speak a mother tongue other than English. Why then make do with a website in English if your main target audience speaks, say, Spanish?

Your website is your online business card in the global world and it could be a decisive factor behind a potential customer's decision whether to use your services or products.




The term internationalization, which is customarily abbreviated in the industry to I18N, refers to the process of adapting software for the purpose of simplifying and optimizing the localization process.

Correctly preparing the technical infrastructure and the code so that the product can support a large number of languages without the need to rewrite or reengineer, saves a lot of time, money and effort during the localization process.


Document translation

As a company that blossomed out of Hever Translators' Pool, Israel's largest and most long-standing translation company, we are well-versed in the translation of documents of all kinds, on every subject and in every language.

We can translate any localization-related document (such as a user guide) as well as any marketing or advertising material you may require to various languages.







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